Al-Mesmari: Erdogan wants to control countries ruled by Ottomans with Qatari support

On Thursday, the Libyan army's spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmari considered that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to regain control of countries that were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire such as Libya which produces two million barrels of oil per day and huge quantities of gas.

He added in press statements that Ankara is transporting mercenaries to Libya with Qatari funds, as well as transporting weapons by air from several airports and by sea to support the armed militias in clear violation of the Geneva talks and the Berlin conference in which the participating countries were obliged not to interfere in the Libyan conflict and not to arm any of the parties.

Al-Mesmari also confirmed that Turkey poses a great threat to navigation traffic in the Red Sea and Africa, revealing that it transported mercenaries from Syria through its lands to fight in Libya with Qatari and Libyan funds. He explained that the mercenaries were training in Gaziantep and Ankara, then they were sent to Istanbul, then Tripoli, and Misrata.

In addition, the Libyan army revealed that Turkish forces were mobilizing east of Misrata, pointing to the installation of military techniques; air defense radars and missile stations, guided field artillery and various types of armored vehicles.

He made clear in a statement on his official page on Facebook that after continuous monitoring carried out by the Reconnaissance Department and the Military Intelligence Department of the Libyan army, there was a large mobilization of terrorist gangs east of Misrata, adding that the Turkish army is installing military technologies such as air defense radars and missile stations,  guided field artillery and various types of armored vehicles. Then, that accurate information was transferred to the competent military operations room, which in turn included these goals for the bank of goals, then issued an order to destroy it.

The Source: Agencies

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