Al-Mehbash: the agreement is military and there is no amendment to the administrative map

The co-chair of the Executive Council, Abed Hamad al-Mehbash, said that the agreement between the SDF and the Syrian government forces is a purely military agreement obtained with the knowledge and approval of Russia, stressing that the Autonomous Administration will continue to work and there is no change in the administrative map.

Abed Hamad al-Mehbash, the co-chair of the Executive Council for Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA, told ANHA agency about the agreement between the DAA and the Syrian government forces.

"The agreement that took place between the SDF and the Syrian government is a military agreement that includes the deployment of Syrian army forces along the border with the Turkish state from Manbij to al-Raqqa to al-Hasakah and Qamishlo to the last point in Deirk," Mehbash said.

Al-Mehbash stressed that the agreement, which took place with the knowledge and approval of "Russia," does not include the deployment of the army inside the cities at all.

He added, "The deployment is on the border strip," stressing that the purpose "is to defeat the Turkish enemy and the removal of the Turkish army, which occupied part of the Syrian areas and encroached on Syrian sovereignty in part of the border strip of Al-Jazeera region and al-Raqqa."

He stressed that the agreement is a "military agreement," so the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern of Syria with its seven civil and AA will continue to exercise its administrative work as it was before and no change or amendment to the administrative map once and for all.




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