Al-Mehbash: exclusion of AA of any solution, agreement will be incomplete

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration(AA) said that any political process or agreement would be incomplete without the participation of representatives from northern and eastern Syria.

Abdul Hamid al-Mehbash, The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration(AA), spoke during a meeting with Hawar news agency to talk about the accusations made by the guarantors of the Astana platform in its recent meeting coinciding with the threats of the AKP government to occupy the region.

"What emerged from the 13th Astana Conference, which was held a few days ago and accused AA project of being a separatist project, is false and baseless," he said.

"Our project is a national project with distinction that believes in the unity, independence and sovereignty of Syrian territories."

Abdul Hamid al-Mehbash said that "the accusations reached against us is a common denominator among the participants in the conference (Russia, Turkey and Iran) because our project is a source of concern to them."

"The north and east of Syria, with all its components, fought and defeated terrorism and provided thousands of martyrs and wounded," he said.

Abdul-Hamid al-Mehbash pointed out that Turkey has not stopped its threats to the people of the region and has goals and projects of occupation, especially the strike on the democratic project, for fear of it.

He noted that "those who fought and continue to fight terrorism and its sleeper cells are the people of the region in cooperation and coordination with the Global Coalition forces, unlike the Turkish state, which facilitated and secured their entry into the region."

"Turkey aims to undermine the democratic project and create chaos and instability in this region by moving terrorist cells to revive terrorism," he concluded.



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