​​​​​​​Al-Masmari: We monitored arrival of weapons and military equipment from Turkey to Libya

The libyan National Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Masmari, said on Sunday, that they monitored weapons and military equipment coming from Turkey to Libya, through the port of Misrata

"Reconnaissance and intelligence units confirmed the arrival of weapons and military equipment from Turkey through the maritime port of Misrata to support the combat capabilities of the terrorist organizations and armed gangs in the western region," al-Masmari said.

 "This support is made openly to the international community and is in violation of the truce declared in the region."

Al-Masmari warned that the Libyan army forces "have not responded to date," stressing that they are "following up and evaluating the situation and developments around the clock."

 Earlier on Sunday, the Libyan army announced that 16 Turkish soldiers were killed in operations in Libya, in addition to 105 mercenaries brought to Libya by Turkey.

Brig. Gen. Khaled al-Mahjoub, director of the Libyan National Army's Moral Guidance Department, said Turkish advisers and officers, who were flying drones, were located in more than one location in Misrata, Sirte and elsewhere.

He said the Libyan army targeted them in more than one location, especially when they targeted and destroyed the operating rooms of drones.

"The Turks delayed announcing the deaths of their officers and soldiers, confirming that the strikes against them related to the locations of military operations," al-Mahjoub said.

He also pointed out that Turkish forces in Tripoli are leading the operations within the axes of the fighting, explaining that the Libyan army targeted a group of them when they entered the capital towards Al Falah camp. He said the group included important advisers who lead operating rooms in Sirte and Misrata.

"Most of the participants were through the operations command, they lead operations and moved militias, but they have not entered the stage of direct participation on the ground," Al-Mahjoub told Sky News Arabic.

 The director of the Libyan army's moral guidance department stressed that Tripoli's armed militias continue to violate the ceasefire agreement.

 "There is an ongoing breach of the ceasefire by militias and mercenaries, as the missiles have not stopped targeting our forces, who are content to respond."




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