Al-Kerama town bids farewell 3 martyrs' corpses

Hundreds of people of al-Kerama town bid farewell 3 martyrs' corpses of SDF fighters who were martyred in Jedidat Khabour village in al-Raqqa countryside.


Hundreds of mourners gathered in Salama Square in al-Kerama to receive the bodies of the three martyrs, their names were "the nom de guerre Saleh", the real name was Saleh al-Daham, "the nom de guerre is Yassin," the real name is Mazhar al-Abed, "the nom de guerre Darkal", the real name Hassen Derkal.

After that the residents went with a majestic convoy of hundreds of cars decorated with the images of the three martyrs, moving towards the shrine of martyr Sifdar.

On the arrival of the procession to the shrine, the funeral ceremony began with holding a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs' lives in conjunction with a military parade presented by the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) fighters followed by delivering several speeches, including a speech on behalf of the Martyrs Families Foundation in north and east of Syria which was delivered by Farouq al-Mashi and on behalf of al-Raqqa Civil Council, delivered by the co-chair Mashleb al-Darwish and on behalf of  SDF delivered by the commander Abo Azar.

The speeches pointed out that what is happening today is foreign conspiracies that want to undermine the democratic nation's project, but it was thwarted because the project is built by a steadfast and united people.

The speeches also confirmed that they are on the path of the martyrs to live freely and dignity and to liberate all lands from the invaders.



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