Al-Jubour Advisor: Project of Democratic Nation  solve Middle East disputes

Akram Mahshoush, the advisor of Al-Jazeera Clan Council, said that  the Democratic Nation project based on the ideology of Leader Abdullah Ocalan is a solution to crises of the Middle East "because democracy does not include authoritarianism but the interest of the peoples of the region." 

The leader Ocalan analyzed the reality of the Middle East problem and put appropriate solutions for each problem, through meetings and his messages which emphasize the ability of the peoples to solve their problems in the most appropriate way.

He  pointed out that the solution lies in decentralization and the implementation of the project of the democratic nation and people fraternity.

While Ocalan is making great efforts to bring peace to the areas of northeast of Syria and the Middle East through peaceful, democratic ways, the Turkish occupation continues to pursue a policy of war, threats and massacres against the peoples of the region, primarily the Kurdish people, to impose their hegemony on the region. 

Sacrifices made to build a democratic society

"The leader is an thinker whose ideas have contributed to building a democratic nation in the northeast regions of Syria to spread this ideology throughout the world, not only in the Kurdish areas. At present all components of northeast Syria coexist on the principle of fraternity and equality," he said.

Turkey has failed to eliminate the ideology of the leader

Mahshoush noted that Turkey has been keeping the leader in its prisons for nearly 21 years and " to destroy humanity, nonetheless, the leader has a major role in the people's claims for their freedom and rights."

"At present, the Turkish state occupies one third of the border areas of northeastern Syria amid international silence to eliminate the Kurdish people and make the Middle East the center of conflicts by sending mercenaries into Libya under the pretext of its national security and building a safe area on its borders," he added.

Foreign intervention is the main reason for creating crises in the Middle East

Mahshoush  believes there are two reasons in creating crises and differences in the Middle East, he continued "The first reason is the regimes, leaders and heads of state in the Middle East that create crises and abuse peoples through their service to the great powers. the second aims and ambitions of the West to occupy the Middle East for its riches under the pretext of resolving differences in peaceful ways," he said.

There is no solution to the differences in the Middle East except the democratic nation

The advisor of Al-Jubour Clan Council in the region of Al-Jazeera confirmed that political solutions did not work in the Middle East, "If the democratic nation's project in the Middle East is implemented on the ground, its problems will be resolved gradually and internal wars will be eliminated, because democracy does not include authoritarianism, but the interest of the peoples of the region," he said.

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