Al-Jazeera people performed the Eid rituals

On Wednesday dawn, thousands of al-Jazeera region people headed towards the mosques to perform the Eid praying, then they headed towards the martyrs' cemeteries.

Thousands of people of al-Jazeera region districts and towns headed towards the mosques to perform the Eid pray after fasting for 30 days. The Eid sermons praised the efforts done by the Autonomous Administration (AA) of North and East Syria, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that liberated the region from Daesh mercenaries and spread security and stability in most of the areas of north and east Syria.   

The speeches congratulated all the peoples of north and east Syria, the Syrian people and the Islamic nation on Eid al-Fitr, hoping the deployment of passion, peace, tolerance in all parts of the land.

After praying, the people of al-Jazeera region headed towards the martyrs' shrines as the people of Qamishlo headed towards the Martyr Delil Seroxan Cemetery, the people of al-Hasakah went to the Martyr Dijwar Shrine, the people of Dêrik city, Girkê Legê district, Çil Agha district and Tel Koçer district headed towards the Martyr Xebat Dêrik, the people of Tirbê Spîyê headed towards the Martyr Dilşêr, the people of Serê Kanîyê visited the martyrs cemeteries in the city, ed-Dirbassiya people visited the Martyr Ristem Cudî, the people of Tel Hamis headed towards the martyrs shrines in the district and the people of Amoda district headed towards the Martyr Ismael. Visiting the shrines in the morning of the Eid is considered one of the traditions practiced by the people loyalty for their relatives and friends and to pray for them.

The fighters of the People Protection Units (YPG), Women Protection Units (YPJ), the Internal Security Forces, the Rescue Forces, Traffic and the Society Protection Forces received the people and delegations.  

The people, YPG, YPJ, SDF, ISF and the Self-Defense Duty Forces put the flowers wreaths on the martyrs' tombs in addition to watering the flowers planed on them, distributing sweets to the children, praying and exchanging the congratulations.     


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