Al-Jawhar: National Conference is a pressure paper for AA recognition

Thabet Al-Jawhar pointed out that the National Conference of the People of al-Jazira and the Euphrates will contribute to strengthening the Autonomous Administration and moving towards its recognition in Syria.

A member of the committee to follow up the implementation of the decisions of the National Conference of the People of al-Jazira and the Euphrates, Thabet Al-Jawhar, said, "the wide participation of representatives of political parties, sheikhs and elders of Arab and Kurdish clans and tribes, representatives of the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and some personalities loyal to the Syrian government, and joining through the Skype service, enriched the conference, which is based on opinions and proposals, whether they are political, military, social, or on the service and management level."

“Sound discussions that focused on Syrian status quo, development of Autonomous Administration”

Al-Jawhar pointed out that the discussions that took place during the conference were important for the development of the Autonomous Administration, saying, “Most of the discussions focused on the Syrian situation and the people in general, in addition to focusing on the status of the Autonomous Administration and how to develop and strengthen it in the next stage through participatory work and providing it with competencies and cadres with good experience and reputation and working on qualifying the current cadres.

Al-Jawhar added, "A number of decisions have also been taken, with regard to the living conditions of citizens, the need to develop the agricultural reality, and support for the Syrian Democratic Forces that confront the Turkish occupation attacks, which are leading campaigns against terrorism and its cells in the region."

Follow-up Committee is tasked with following up implementation of decisions, recommendations

Regarding the Follow-up Committee that was formed during the conference, consisting of 16 members, al-Jawhar stated, "Its tasks lie in following up the decisions and recommendations that result from the conference, and it is scheduled to start its work in the coming days."

Regarding the impact of holding the conference in northern and eastern Syria, and Syria in general, al-Jawhar explained: “Of course it will have an impact on the people of northern and eastern Syria and Syria, in terms of strengthening the Autonomous Administration, and working to spread the Autonomous Administration project in all Syrian regions, because it guarantees the rights of all people in Syria".

“The conference will impact Syria, countries interfering in Syrian affairs”

Thabet Al-Jawhar noted that holding the conference will have an impact on Syria in general, and in the countries interfering in the Syrian crisis, and said: “The conference was a pressure card on the intervening countries in Syria, and the Syrian society must recognize the Autonomous Administration project, as it is the only solution to solve the Syrian crisis.”



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