Al Jawala notable: Ocalan proposals are ways of solving crises

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Rasheed confirmed that the leader, Abdullah Ocalan has a vision and ideas that suits all the peoples of the region. He called on Arab clans and tribes to play a more effective role in resolving the region crises and encounter the external occupation.

The Turkish authorities have imposed severe isolation on the leader, Abdullah Ocalan. Most recently, a fire was set on the island of Imrali on 27 February that  followed by demonstrations in the four parts of Kurdistan and Europe, denouncing the isolation and policies of the Turkish occupation. 

Following the demonstrations, events and mass activities, the Turkish authorities were forced on allowing meeting Ocalan by his brother Mohammed Ocalan. During the meeting Ocalan  confirmed that he was in good health and sent a message to the peoples of Kurdistan and the people of northeastern Syria and the elders of the Arab clans.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Rasheed, one of  Al-Jawala clan notables in Al-Jazeera explained that the Turkish authorities set a fire on the island of Emrali for breaking the will of the peoples of the region, who adopted the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan, and said: "The mass demands at home and abroad forced the Turkish state to allow a meeting Abdullah Ocalan."

Abdul Rahman al-Rasheed said that the leader Abdullah Ocalan's vision of the crises in the region is correct; his proposals are the ways to solve these crises.

Al-Rasheed pointed out that  Ocalan is fully aware of the peoples of the region. The ruling regimes fear on their thrones which were founded on the basis of the oppression of the peoples, and said: " Therefore, Turkey imposes strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

The Arab clans ask for a historical role

 Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Rasheed noted that the Arab clans used to play a role in protecting the homeland and citizens from the external occupation."

Al-Rasheed called on Arab clans to play an important role in the interest of Syria, preserve its land and people, and consolidate national unity among all the components of the region, including Kurds, Arabs and Syrians.



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