Al-Jadidat area women moving towards their freedom

The Women's House in al-Jadidat area has promoted the role of women in society by defining their potential and role within a period not exceeding two months.


Women Administration in al-Raqqa opened a Woman House in al-Jadidat area, 22 kilometer east of al-Raqqa, on 21 January 2018.

The Women House enabled in this short period to activate many committees including the reconciliation committee, training and protection.

Each committee has several missions, so the Women House formed 17 communes specific for women of the area aiming to help them in all fields.

The Reconciliation Committee managed to solve 18 cases, most of which focused on the violence against women and denial of their rights.

In turn, the Training Committee supervises the reception of women's applications who were deprived of their rights in learning, where the committee opened a literacy courses joined many women in the area. 

The administrator in the Women House, Daliya Ibrahim al-Khalil, pointed out that their aim is to develop the women in all fields of life, especially after their marginalization suffered by IS.

Daliya clarified that they intensifies the training courses which introduce the women of their role in society and they received highly motivation of the women there.



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