AL-Idilbi: Idlib escalation aims to revive, regime, Turkey, Iran's economy

Abu Omar al-Idlibi said, "The escalation in Idlib has been carefully studied under the auspices of Russia to revive the economy of Turkey, Iran and Syria, stressing that the victims of their conspiracy are the unarmed civilians."

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with the Commander-in-Chief of Liwa al-Shamal al-Dimoqrati (Democratic North Brigade) Abu Omar al-Idlibi on the tension and escalation of the situation in recent times in north-west Syria, especially in Idlib.

Abu Omar began his speech by saying that "the main reason for the worsening situation in Idlib is what was agreed on between the guarantors in Astana 12. Their last meeting was added to the conflict of interests between the parties that are existed in the area."

"The escalation and what is happening on the ground has been carefully studied by the guarantor countries that manage the conflict on the ground in coordination with some of the suspicious parties. Idlib is crowded with unarmed civilians, but is controlled by terrorist factions that practice the policy of repression, intimidation, killing, torture and detention. What is occurring on the ground is a war of receiving and handing over under the auspices of Russia, Turkey and Iran. There is an exit for terrorist gangs belonging to Turkey and handing over areas to the Syrian regime, and the victims are always civilians."

Al-Idlibi said at the end of his speech that "the agreement of Astana 12 is a long-term agreement and is in accordance with the stages and plans which we have seen its previous stages; the first was the delivery of Aleppo to the Syrian regime in return for handing over al-Bab and Jarablus to Turkey, and the second phase was the delivery of al-Ghouta to the Syrian regime in return for the extradition of Afrin to Turkey. This time, the plans revolve around Idlib's extradition to the Syrian regime, while the exchange for that in favor of Turkey was not known more accurately."



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