Al-Hol people: Al-Hol Camp is "time bomb"

The people of al-Hol Camp demanded to move the mercenaries of Daesh in al-Hol to allocated areas because they pose danger on them and they described the camp as " time bomb".

The demand of the people came after an element of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) was stabbed by a woman of Daesh and was wounded.

Al-Hol camp which is one of the largest camps in Syria and located about 45Km in the East of Al-Hasakaha canton and the camp includes 70,000 people of Daesh families from more than 45 countries.

The people of al-Hol said that the camp impose a danger on them as  it is full of the Daesh mercenaries who have extremist ideology.

The citizen Suleiman Hassan Yousef said in this context " after the end of Daesh geographically the danger of Daesh mercenaries is still existing."

He added " although the good and human treatment by the administration of the camp and the ISF with the mercenaries in the camp we saw violent reflections and bad treatment  and in the same time they refuse to abandon the extremist ideology and thoughts of Daesh mercenaries."

He added that al-Hol camp imposes a danger on them now.

He called the concerned bodies and the administration of the camp to move the camp from al-Hol district.

In the same context, the citizen Newaf Mohammed who is also from al-Hol District described this camp as " time bomb" and he also mentioned the Stabbing event by the woman of Daesh who stabbed the member of ISF.

 He added," although Daesh mercenaries have eliminated geographically, but the sleeper cells still exist and the woman of Daesh living in the camp of al-Hol camp are imposing great danger on the lives of the people."

In an interview conducted  by ANHA with the administrator of (ISF) who is responsible for the security of the camp Asaad Mohammad he said, " As far as possible, we try to control the security of the camp. We are dealing with them on the principle of the democratic nation."

He added it is difficult to treat and handle with the women of Daesh because they still have the ideology of the mercenaries.

He said that all the women of Daesh mercenaries are wearing the black dress and the niqab, so it is difficult to identify who has committed the crime of the stabbing.

Yesterday, Maj. Gen. Alexus G. Grynkewich the Deputy Commander, of the International Coalition, said in an exclusive interview with the Independent that the threat of extremism in the camps was "the greatest long-term strategic threat" in the war against terrorist groups outside ongoing military operations.



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