Al-Hol Camp Humanitarian –Security Campaign under way  

The al-Hol Camp Humanitarian and Security Campaign undertaken today morning in the camp is ongoing by the Security and military forces inside the camp as photos and videos show.

At the early hours of the day, the al-Hol Camp Humanitarian and Security Campaign was undertaken via a statement read by Ali Hesen, Spokesman for the Internal Security Forces, with the attendance by the SDF's Kino Gabriel and Nuri Mahmoud that of the Peoples' Protection Units, the YPG, and Avinar Derik member to the General Command of the Jazira Region.

Photos and videos taken by ANHA's that covers the campaign signify that the campaign is underway by the forces concerned to bring to an end ISIS activities in the camp.

Earlier, it was reported by ANHA's as quoting a security source as saying that 6000 elements of the Internal Security Forces, the SDF, and the Women's Protection Units are taking part in the security operation.



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