​​​​​​​Al-Hasakah residents demand from Kurdish parties, KGR to be united 

Al Hasakah city's residents demanded from the Kurdish parties to accelerate in achieving the Kurdish rank, because they will not achieve their rights only by unity, alluding that KGR must reject the attacks and confrontations Turkish aggression.

The unity of the Kurdish ranks is the most prominent issue that has been focused by the citizens, politicians and intellectuals, in the light the circumstances the area is going through in particular, and all parts of Kurdistan general.

This initiative was launched with the beginning of the Turkish occupation and the mercenaries of the so-called "Syrian National Army" for the border areas of northern and eastern Syria, by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, Mazloum Abdi.

As a result of the delay in declaring the unity of the rank, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are still launching attacks in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, as well as Başûr Kurdistan, the last of which is on the village of Zînî wartê and its aim is to cause internal conflict and Kurdish-Kurdish fighting.

A few days ago, the meetings have been held between the Kurdish parties inside the Autonomous Administration areas, and the parties of the Kurdish National Council, Hawar news agency ANHA monitored the meetings and explored al-Hasakah city's residents' views, who decried the Turkish attacks on north and east of Syria and Başûr Kurdistan.

The residents stressed that the Turkish occupation and its gangs aim to prevent the unity of Kurdish rank and eradication the Kurdish ID.

Abdulaziz Shekhmus, a resident of al-Nazareth neighborhood, said, "We, the Kurds, have one wish, which is achieving the unity of the Kurdish class in this sensitive phase, where all the countries of the world, foremost of which are the fascist Turkish state, are trying to eliminate the Kurdish ID."

Sheikhamos denounced the recent events that took place in Başûr of Kurdistan regions, and added, "The Kurdistan Regional Government had to reject these attacks in its areas and confront the Turkish aggression."

In order to unite views and purposes of the Kurdish residents in Rojava, Sheikhimos called on political figures and concerned parties to unite, and not to sacrifice the people at the expense of their partisan and personal interests, to overcome the foe that is trying to eliminate the Kurdish presence.

The unit will remove all obstacles

On his part, citizen Abdul Baqi Ibrahim asserts that the enemy has a great role in the failure of the unity of the Kurdish class until now, and he continued, saying, "The Turkish state has from time immemorial tried to eliminate the Kurdish people by all means, but when the unity of the Kurdish class occurs we will eliminate all those who oppose the path of our freedom and our rights." ".

For his part, citizen Mohammed Abdel al-Ghafour sent a message to the Kurdish parties, in which he clarified the importance of unity in the conditions the region is going through, and added, "We, the Kurdish people in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, call on all political parties to accelerate the achievement of the unity of the Kurdish class, because we are going through a very sensitive stage, and this The most appropriate time for national unity. "



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