AL-Hasakah notables: We need Ocalan's ideology to resolve the Middle East crises

Sheikhs and Arab clan notables in Hasakah pointed out to the urgent need in the Middle East to Abdullah Ocalan leader ideology in solving the outstanding issues, considering the isolation imposed on the leader by Turkish state is an international conspiracy and international approval in deepening the crisis.

Severe isolation has been imposed on the leader since February 15th, 1999, by Turkish state, his family and lawyers were prevented to meet him.

Well- known by the spectra in NE, Syria that the Turkish state purpose is aiming at isolating the leader on his people, because they know well he has great huge mass base that believes his ideology, so they keep him away from the events of society and countries of the world.

In an interview with ANHA agency on this Turkish policy, the head of the Jabbour Clan Council, Fawaz Al-Zawbaa, indicated that the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his project for the democratic nation in the Middle East is a project that serves all the peoples of the region, and reveals the policies of the nation-states, foremost of which is Turkey.

He went to say that Turkey seeks to eliminate the Ocalan's ideology, as it recognizes that it is based on democracy and co-existence for the fraternity of peoples, which for the States of the Middle East is a guarantee of security and stability."

Al-Zawbaa considered that the capture of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the imposition of strict isolation on him by the Turkish authorities, amid international silence, "is nothing but an international message through which it clarifies its endeavor to eliminate the democratic project in the Middle East and keep its peoples at war."

Jabbour Clan Council Head "As the peoples of the region, we are safe with the thinking and ideology of the democratic leader Abdullah Ocalan, who aims to unite the peoples of the region, to change the authoritarian mindset of the governing authorities of the region and not to distinguish between components and religions."

"We, NE, Syria people need Ocalan ideology ."

The role of leader Ocalan in resolving the crises in the Middle East, Mohammed al-Mulla, the notable of the Al-Tahhin clan, indicated that they need the thinking of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who serves all the peoples of the region and who contributes to resolving all the crises in the Middle East and reducing their deepening through his project based on fraternity, freedom of religion and belief and solidarity.

Despite the issuance of the report of the European Committee against Torture (CPT), which emphasized the exercise of non-rights policies in Imrali Prison, and which documented many violations in its report, the Turkish authorities have stressed the isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan and taken negative steps towards him.



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