Al-Hasakah council says to Idlib refugee: if camps did not sufficient, our homes are open

The head of al-Hasakah notables' council explained that all areas of NE, Syria and over the years of the Syrian crisis received displaced people from all areas of Syria, and appreciated the initiative of the "SDF" Commander-in-Chief to receive displaced people from Idlib.

On these developments and the arrival of batches of displaced people from the city and countryside of Idlib to the areas of Autonomous Administration, "Hawar news agency (ANHA) held a dialogue with the head of al-Hasakah notables' council     Abdullah al-Kandar, who said at the beginning of his speech: "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis Erdogan intervened in this crisis, turkey opened its borders and crossings for entering terrorists from all over the world have financed them with weapons, ammunition, and money, and trained mercenaries in special camps within Turkish territory, and facilitated their return and entry into Syrian territory in order to occupy more parts of our country."

"These mercenaries and terrorists have spread to many Syrian territory, causing much destruction in the area, in addition to displacing safe residents from their homes," al-Kandar said.

He pointed out that Erdogan benefited from the continuation of the Syrian crisis, contrary to what he claims that his country spends from its budget on Syrian refugees, and continued: "He was shedding crocodile tears and crying on the Syrian people, we know and understand well that this is a lie."

After a large number of mercenaries in the northern countryside of Idlib bordering Turkey, the Syrian regime wanted to return this area."

Al-Kandar referred to the Russian-Turkish-Iranian agreement, which provided for the removal of mercenaries from "De-escalation" zones and would be safe for civilians and displaced persons from the rest of the region, adding: "No one can get mercenaries out of that area, because they are supported by several foreign countries, the first of which is Turkey."

Al-Kandar pointed to the suffering of Syrians due to foreign interventions in The Syrian affairs, and said: "The only victims of all this crisis are civilian women and children, who were displaced from their homes in Damascus countryside and Homs countryside, and went towards the Idlib area to "De-escalate" as safe."

"We in Syria have had a very positive role, especially after the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, Mazloum Abdi, in which he stressed that our doors are open to the refugees of Idlib, because "We are Syrian citizens, and our moral and humanitarian duty is to receive them."

"Massive crowds of displacement from Idlib areas have begun to reach the areas of Autonomous Administration, if the camps are not enough, our homes are open for them, our problem is not with these civilians, our problem with the mercenaries backed by Erdogan, who killed and displaced the people of Afrin, Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain and Girê Spî/ Tel-Abyed, and no matter how long we will liberate the occupied areas by these mercenaries and Turkey," he said.

At the end of his speech, thanked all those who opened their doors to receive the displaced people from Idlib, saying: "I send a message of thanks to our families who receive displaced people from Idlib city and its countryside, and we encourage them to provide further assistance to them."


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