Al-Hasakah clans: We to support SDF against Turkish occupation

Al-Hasakah elders and sheikhs announced their support to SDF against the Turkish occupation and called on the international organizations and forces to put an end to the Turkish occupation threats against the peoples of the area.


At the invitation of the Arab elders of al-Hasakah canton, a dialogue forum has been held today in al-Selam Hall in al-Hasakah city north of Syria to discuss the Turkish threats against the east of the Euphrates and to explain their positions of these violations.

At the end of the forum the elders clans issued a statement read by al-Jabour clan elder , Fawaz al-Zoba in which he said:

At a time when the terrorist forces in all of their forms and military organizations the last of which IS mercenaries backed by Turkey led by AKP and its president Erdogan to sabotage and corrupt all the areas of Syria…..and due to the sacrifices of the children of our country to protect their people and their lands of all forms of terrorism which are to be defeated soon, the Turkish regime at this time exactly started to threaten the security areas of north and east Syria which were liberated of terrorist gangs, the Turkish occupation started its violations on the border areas between Syria and Turkey by launching the brutal shelling to the safe villages which resulted in causalities among the civilians under the flimsy pretexts and it is clear to all that the Turkish real goal is to hit our safe and stable areas and to rescue IS mercenaries on the other side and ease the pressure on it.

We, as al-Hasakah elders clans in all of their components stand in one rank in the face of the Turkish occupation threats and violations in all of their forms by our unity and supporting Syrian Democratic Forces and all the national forces that work against the Turkish aggression. 

We appeal to the peace and good forces of all countries and organizations to stand in the face of the Turkish occupation repeated threats and violations against our people.



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