Al-Hasakah bid farewell Martyr Peleng Mazloum

The people of al-Hashanah city bid farewell martyr Wadi Abedulqader, whose nom de guerre Pleng Mazloum to his last resting place in al-Dawediya village. 

The martyr Mazloum is afighter in YPG and martyred during performing his military duty in al-Haskah.

The funeral cermony started by holding a minute of silence followed by presenting a militrty parade by the YPG.

Many speeched were delivered during the funeral cermnony which praised the role of the martyrs in saving the area from the terrorist factions and the Daesh mercenaries.

The speeches also pledged to walk on the martyrs path and continue  the struggle till achieving the martyrs goals and libertae all the people of the region from the terrorisim.

The martyr's decument was read by the Martyrs' Families Council and was handed over to his familiy amid chanting the slogans that saluted the martyrs.



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