Al-Faraj: Popular unity is a force to curb Turkish occupation

 The sheikh of the Walda tribe, Hamid al-Faraj, praised the unity and popular cohesion shown by the people of the region against the attacks of the Turkish occupation state, and stressed that the unified popular position would be the force that would restrain the Turkish occupier.

 The Turkish occupation state has continued its attacks on northern and eastern Syria since November 19, targeting the infrastructure, oil and health facilities, and populated villages and cities.

 The Turkish crimes met with massive popular anger from all the people of northern and eastern Syria, and this was evident after thousands of people took part in mass popular marches and demonstrations, during which they rejected the genocide attacks and stressed the need to confront and resist them.

 The sheikh of the Walda tribe, Hamid al-Faraj, said: "Thanks to our popular unity in the regions of north and east Syria, we are today a popular force on the ground that stands in the face of all those who try to undermine our will and gains and defeat all schemes."

 Al-Faraj added, "The best example of the current popular cohesion is the standing of all components side by side in all arenas, squares, and fronts, announcing the continuation of resistance and affirming the rejection of Turkish policy and its attacks and their repulsion from the region."

 We are the owners of the case and we have the right to defend

 Pointing out, "This cohesion, which is shown by the people of northern and eastern Syria with its various components, will be the effective force that will curb the Turkish occupier and stop its aggression against our regions."

 While Al-Faraj stressed the need to strengthen this popular unity among the people, he said, "We are the owners of a cause and we have the full right to defend it and achieve its goals. through the people's solidarity, the occupation and the aggressors will be defeated from our land."

 In conclusion, Sheikh Hamid Al-Faraj emphasized the support of the Arab clans for the SDF forces, and said: "The SDF is the force that all the peoples of the region rely on to protect them, and the helping hand will always be extended to them, in order to achieve victory and deliver people from slavery."



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