Al-Fakhfakh: Tunisia against foreign interference and partition in Libya

The Tunisian prime minister said that his country is the most affected by the situation in Libya, stressing that Tunisia is against the division of Libya, and against any foreign and military interference.

Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes al-Fakhfakh confirmed that his country wants to find a solution to the situation in Libya, adding that Tunisia "will not allow" to divide Libya and will work with all capabilities to support stability and strengthen the common economy.

Al-Fakhfakh pointed out that Tunisia is the country most affected by the situation in Libya, pointing out that the Libyan file in the next stage is one of the priorities of his government.

Al-Fakhfakh said that his country is with international legitimacy and with the Libyan-Libyan solution, rejecting any project to divide Libya, and that Tunisia will play a more active role in the Libyan dialogue to achieve stability.

He explained it clear that Tunisia is against any foreign or military interference in Libya.

In a joint statement of foreign ministers, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, France and the UAE condemned the Turkish intervention in Libya, and the continued sending of weapons and mercenaries to Libya to support Accord Government, in violation of that UN decision to ban the supply of arms to Libya.



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