Al-Darwish: We reject partition wall, trial of mercenaries outside north of Syria

The head of the Tribal Council in al-Shadadi District and one of the elders of al-Jabour tribe rejected the construction of the wall of the division of Syria in Afrin, describing it as a "crime against humanity". He also affirmed tribal opposition to any international decision to establish a court for Daesh out of North of Syria.

"The objective of the Turkish occupation of the construction of the partition wall is the division of Syria and its annexation to Turkey, like the Iskenderun area," Suleiman al-Darwish said.

We do not accept any court to try Daesh outside northern Syria

In another context, al-Darwish rejected the trial of Daesh detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces in another area except the Syrian north.

"The people of the north of Syria and in all cities have sufficient evidence to condemn these mercenaries, they were witnesses to the massacres and destruction of infrastructure, villages and houses," he added.



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