AL-Darbasiya people: PDK is a partner in attacks, national unity is solution

Al-Darbasiya people said that the government of Başûr Kurdistan, through its silence on the attacks of the Turkish state on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, confirms its support for the Turkish state policy of occupation, and called on the political parties to unite the Kurdish class, stressing that national unity is the only way to stop the attacks of the Turkish state.

 The Turkish occupation army launched continuous attacks against the areas of Başûr Kurdistan using all heavy weapons and aircraft, amid the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government. A number of residents of al- Darbasiya district in Al-Hasakah canton said in interviews with Hawar News Agency that the Turkish state aims to commit massacres against the citizens living in these areas .

Mustafa Sheikhmos said that the Turkish state has for years been fighting the forces that protect the people and fight terrorism and that the Turkish state is known for its hostility towards the Kurdish people in all regions. Sheikhmos expressed his dissatisfaction with the silence of the government of Başûr Kurdistan saying "The government of Başûr Kurdistan and through its silence on all these massacres and attacks on its territory confirms to us its support for the Turkish state's occupation policy."

"The only solution to stop all these is to unite the Kurdish class and think about the interest of this people, not running behind their personal interests," he added.

He called on political parties to unite the Kurdish class "in order to save this people from attacks and wars."

As for  Khaled Mamo, he said: " the Turkish state attacked the areas of Başûr Kurdistan with heavy and sophisticated weapons, all this in front of the eyes of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which ignored all these attacks, and helps the Turkish occupation state to occupy Başûr, and we all know that the Turkish state is committing massacres against the people of Başûr and emptying the area and occupying it as it is now doing in Afrin.

"If the Kurdish parties had united ranks for years the Turkish state would not have dared to attack our regions, it is time to unite the Kurdish ranks," he concluded.



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