Al-Beiri: ENKS withdrawal from so-called Syrian coalition serves Kurdish unity

Head of the Kurds Without Borders Kadar al-Beiri noted that the withdrawal of Kurdish forces and figures from the so-called Syrian National Coalition will make it easier to unite the Kurdish ranks, warning that the parties that obstruct the efforts of Kurdish unity will face serious consequences.

Northeast Syria is witnessing intense political movement to culminate in a long and arduous effort to unite the Kurdish ranks.

Despite differences in views among the international parties on the Kurdish issue, local initiatives to unite the Kurdish ranks were launched by SDF Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi. Internationally, U.S. and France also launched initiatives.

"Everyone agrees on the Kurdish national unity, but there are many who understand Kurdish unity that there should be one Kurdish side or one party and everyone must be integrated into it. This will not be and it is fundamentally unacceptable," he said, adding that "diversity enrich democracy in this region," adding that "this is the reality of what exists today on the ground."

Is ENKS severing its ties with the so-called Syrian opposition coalition involved in killing the Kurds

Beiri said about the initiatives of unity, "the important point here!! I will answer that I took part in the Autonomous Administration and the Kurdish National Council talks, which took place in Paris, in the presence and participation of international parties France, America, Britain, Germany, and representatives of the international coalition.

"There was talk about the need to integrate these factions and forces into the administration because they are on another side," he said.

"Talk was simply about  withdrawing these Kurdish parties from the coalition, so there will be no longer Turkish argument that the Kurds are in the coalition and no need to involve any other Kurdish parties in resolving the Syrian crisis," he said.

"Today, when we talk about negotiations between the Kurdish parties and the Kurdish National Council (ENKS), the reason is that ENKS is in the coalition because there can be no Kurdish sides, there must be international sponsorship American and French, and from the international coalition, for these negotiations," he said.

Beiri believes that the international efforts to unite the Kurds are the result that the Syrian revolution goals were "limited only to the SDF and democratic Autonomous Administration. For its goals aspire a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria for the dignity of the Syrian human being, and said "these are the only two parties that have been able to preserve the dignity of Syrians."

"the Autonomous Administration and SDF will be the strongest party in the Syrian equation

In the future, and the success of this dialogue between the Kurdish parties will be good and strengthen this position," he said

"If it works, it's good," he said, "but Beiri warned that if these negotiations didn't work. Any party fails it, it will be doomed to death against the right of negotiations and Kurdish unity, and will simply be stripped and the world will be informed of what it is doing."

Kurdish Unity obstacles

Beiri addressed some negative statements and some pressures that may hinder efforts to unite the Kurds "We have recently noticed statements  of the ENKS leaders that they have not withdrawn from the coalition  and the beginning of Turkey's move to pressure ENKS by adding the so-called Kurdish independents, who are nothing but traitors, to the coalition instead of ENKS," he said.

Beiri described those statements as daggers in the fort of these negotiations, he said "If these efforts fail, there is already an Autonomous Administration, which include Kurdish, Arab and Syriac forces. I think that those who remain outside the Autonomous Administration squadron will remain become a card to be burned by the occupier and the forces that do not want good for Syria and the Kurds in general," he said.

A prerequisite for unity among The Kurds

As for the leaders of ENKS abroad, especially In Turkey "These negotiations will succeed provided that some ENKS leaders abroad are removed, because they work for the agendas against the interests of the people. Maybe there are personal interests for some that is why they are against any rapprochement" he said.

"There are people whose financial interest lies with the coalition.  They cannot withdraw because of their hatred towards the Autonomous Administration. But on the ground  regional and international forces seek to have a presence in the administration and a solution," he said.

He said that he believed that "there will be an agreement because there will be international sponsors who want to find a solution to the Syrian file. Jeffrey's statements confirm that they have begun to resolve, which is the beginning step, which will be the revision of this administration with political figures, forces and political parties from the region, whether Kurdish or non-Kurdish."

International powers need SDF

"When we talk about an international desire to find a solution, it means forcing a lot of parties that refuse to have a final solution. There are other parties in Syria other than the international coalition. There is Russia too interested in finding a solution," he said.

He added, "The administration and SDF because everyone needs them, the American needs to create alternative forces but failed. Russia also does not have the power to control the entire areas of SDF if these forces are removed, and has no alternative but Iranian forces, which Russia cannot rely on in accordance with the agreement between it and America in the region to remove the Iranians from the Syrian file. So the people of the region are the first to protect their areas and stay in their points, and that's what it will be."

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