Al-Baguz… cemetery to Daesh-Muslim Brotherhood-Erdogan's dreams in Syria, Iraq

Everybody's eyes are set on the small village lying on the bank of the Euphrates River align to the Iraqi borders, awaiting Daesh elimination on a geographical span used to be known as "the Islamic State" which terrorized the whole world with ideologies and terror acts the recent history has never witnessed. What mindset and objectives did those besieged in al-Baguz hold? How did they end up in this state of certain death or surrender, what does al-Baguz signify at this stage?


Certainly, Daesh appearance in Syria and its caliphate announcement in June 2014 after seizing enormous span of territories in Syria and Iraq did not come out of the blue, it was not just an organization emerging from the chaos and crises of the peoples' revolutions and the interior conflicts in the region, but it held an ideology and strategic objectives derived from Ahmad Bin Hanbel (780-855 AD) and then Ibn Tamima who laid the foundation of the popular Salafist mindset, afterwards, Muhamad Bin Abdul Wahab in 1703 developed it, next, Sayed Qatib member of the Muslim Brotherhood introduced it into the contemporary era in 1906-1966 as he paved the way for al-Qaeda organization emergence and then IS.

After Hasan Bana established the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a political movement in 1982, it became the biggest incubator to attract every hard-liner and supporter of this ideology to put it in effect in order to reach the rule of the different Arab countries in any way and method, and activating the extremist armed factions under the label "fighting infidels" of the West and the Israelis and whoever cooperates with them according to the views of this organization!

Al-Qaeda, Daesh and rapprochement of views and objectives with Muslim Brotherhood and AKP

Al-Qaeda was established in 1988 as an international extremist organization by Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, while in Iraq the so-called Tawhid and Jihad organization was established in 1999 by Abu Musaab al-Zarqawi having come from Afghanistan camps, then he showed Bay'ah (Oath of allegiance) to Bin Laden and worked under the international banner of al-Qaeda listed as the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

The objectives of this organization harmonized with the Muslim Brotherhood's views in seeking authority and constructing a geography to spread their Salafist ideologies and seize power in many Islamic cities, but they were chased and listed terrorists in most Arab countries, so Turkey received them led by the Justice and Development Party in 2003 which saw it a golden opportunity to achieve the new Ottoman dream according to the obsolete National Pact.

Turkey opened its door wide to the Muslim Brotherhood to hold all their international conferences there as well as opening headquarters in Turkey, thus, the Muslim Brotherhood, Justice and Development, and allied states to them like Qatar became the main financers of these Salafist and extremist groups in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Africa, and their community in Europe and Asia.

Practical implementation of ideas in Iraq and Syria seeking achieving objectives

The organization began its attacks against the International Coalition forces after dictator Sadam Hussein rule fell in Iraq in 2003, attracting many other terrorist organizations in the region and deceived the youth under the pretext of fighting the "infidels" and the occupiers. With the establishment of the new post-Sadam Iraqi order as a federal state; however, the fact of these groups came to light as they declared that they seek to found a caliphate in Iraq that rules according to Sharia, so they indiscriminately targeted the Iraqi forces, police, its institutions; accusing the Iraqi people of being infidels and apostates, they practiced the most hideous crimes against them.

The worst of which were against Yazidis in 2007 in Siba Sheikh Khidir and Tel Aziz towns in Şengal province, and another was the barbaric aggression on Şengal and its villages in Aug 2014 which was followed by violations and crimes against humanity, regardless of the regular bloody attacks on Shiite convoys, headquarters of the Kurdish parties, Iraqi political and tribal rallies.

Syria… from dignity revolution to a target arena of al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Erdogan's dreams

With the beginning of the Syrian revolution in March 2011, the Justice and Development Party moved the Muslim Brotherhood and its incubator in Syria to restrain, derail the Syrian revolution in accordance with their aims, they did it, on his part, Abu Baker al-Bagdadi authorized Abu Muhamad al-Jawlani to found the so-called Jabhit al-Nusra "Hayet Tahrir al-Sham" now as a branch for al-Qaeda in Syria to expand their influence.

The Syrian revolution in Istanbul, which the Muslim Brotherhood control, perceived that Jabhit al-Nusra represents the revolution and Turkey handled with it as a force to pass its plans through: in expanding influence and striking Kurds, so it supported it on all levels which in turn supplied Turkey with the Syrian oil and agricultural and industrial goods.

As Islamic State terrorist organization and its affiliates expanded in Iraq and so al-Nusra in Syria, their objectives became clearer and clearer as al-Qaeda declared expanding the range of its alleged state and changed its name to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), so al-Nusra began its expansion in the Syrian interior and IS remained in northern and eastern Syria as well as Iraq, as for Turkey, it was betting on this organization to gain the Muslim Brotherhood a share in the rule of Syria with the Syrian regime, and insisted that Mosul be under its tutelage to protect the Sunni Arabs and Turkmens as Daesh was at the peak of power controlling wide spans of Iraq and Syria.

The main supply line for the terrorists was Turkey that provided them with arms, facilitated movement of migrant elements, and logistical materials to organize them, and they announced their caliphate in June 2014 and took al-Raqqa city a capital, heading then to attack the Kurds' areas in Iraq and Syria such as Şengal and Kobani aiming to besiege them till annihilation.

Repeated attacks on northern and eastern Syrian peoples, hideous crimes against them without fulfilling goals

IS has killed thousands of civilians who did not show Bay'ah, so they committed massacres against the clans in Deir ez-Zor, al-Raqqa, and Manbij, and attacked Jaz'a, al-Hasakah, Tel Tamer, repeating the same story in Kobani with massive numbers and developed weapons, being defeated, they attacked again Kobani and Girê Spi launching from the Turkish territories with bombed cars and inghimasis committing horrible massacres, but that was the beginning of the IS terror defeating.

Al-Baguz… cemetery of Daesh-Brotherhood-Erdogan's dreams in Syria, Iraq

After the historic victory the People's Protection Units and Women's Protection Units achieved in Kobani, countdown to their dreams' end started, the components of the region stood together even more, and the Syrian Democratic Forces were established in 2015 and IS strongholds fell one after another reaching their alleged capital: al-Raqqa, while Turkey began to amass Daesh scattered remains in Deir ez-Zor, al-Raqqa and Manbij and introduced them in another label and garment: the Euphrates Shield to keep some of the Syrian land in its hand.

The borders were completely closed and Daesh-Turkey relation began to fade, and the alleged state shrank into a span of 400 m at one of al-Baguz village corners, thus, it became a cemetery to IS' dreams in an Islamic caliphate, Muslim Brotherhood's efforts in making itself part of the force on ground, and Erdogan's dreams in the new ottoman have gone with the wind.

During the coming few days or hours, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces may bring the good news of liberation and defeat announcement of the most dangerous organization in the world, which means a lot to the world, this victory-the Kurds lead- will not be a place of pride for north and east Syria peoples alone, but it will be international, like Kobani and the fall of the caliphate's capital victories.

The presence of IS remnants in Idlib, Jarablus, and Afrin as a temporary state to protect Turkey will have drastic consequences in the near future after ending IS' geographical presence in north and east Syria which was threatening the whole world.



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