Al-Bab Military Council pledged to revenge for martyrs of Self-Defense

Al-Bab Military Council has pledged to revenge for the people and martyrs of the Self-Defense Forces who were targeted by the treacherous attack last night in Manbij for revenge and for the liberation of every inch of Syria from terrorists and occupiers.

This came during a written statement issued by al-Bab Military Council today, in which it denounced the cowardly attack on the Self-Defense Forces and offered condolences to their families and said:

"We pay tribute to the martyrs of the soldiers of the Duty of Self-Defense, we condemn the terrorist attack against the people who have resisted all the threats that have been woven around them until they have won the victory against the black terrorism of mercenaries.

Those behind this attack are agendas working in the interest of terrorism in order to destabilize the regions that have been liberated from terrorism by the unity of their components.

And we promise the martyrs and their families to go on the approach of the martyrs and revenge for them and liberate every inch of Syria from the terrorists and occupiers."



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