Al-Awam: Ankara meeting will discuss urgent differences

Syrian journalist Baha al-Awam pointed out that the tripartite meeting of Astana will discuss a new old settlement that has not been completed in Idlib, where the differences between them can no longer be ignored or postponed, and pointed out that any understanding between these three countries will not succeed if it does not take Washington's approval.

Today, the so-called guarantors of Astana (Russia-Turkey-Iran) are likely to meet again in Ankara.

In an attempt to extrapolate the results of this meeting, he spoke to Hawar news agency Syrian journalist Baha al-Awam, said: "The summit will discuss a new old settlement in Idlib, a settlement that was not completed for several reasons, including that the differences between the three guarantors can no longer be ignored and no longer accept delays or compromises.

"The Russians will not accept Jabhet al-Nusra-in its present status quo- no matter what Turkey’s justifications. The Turks will not accept the Syrian army's advance to the whole of the north," he said. "There are areas that Ankara considers to be under private ownership."

Regarding Iran and its role in the Syrian file, al-Awam said: "For Iran, it is no longer welcome in the war, but only the Russians cannot conquer the armed factions in the north (west of the Euphrates River), and therefore the ground forces affiliated to Iran are the only supporters of the Syrian army on the ground."

According to al-Awam's view of the course of events, the three countries have an interest in arranging the northwestern areas of the Euphrates, "perhaps the solution is Nusra retreat to the Turkish positions away from the international road between Damascus and Aleppo, and thus one way or another Nusra leaves Idlib province towards the countryside near the Turkish border. However, Ankara will demand assurances that the Russian and Iranian encroachment will stop at Idlib, and it will need a final understanding with Moscow and Tehran along its border strip from west to east to the east, and that is the dilemma for the three countries which is America."

Al-Awam said that the agreement of the "guarantor countries" needs American satisfaction. "Of course, any understanding between the three countries on the east of the Euphrates will not succeed if it does not receive American approval. East of the Euphrates is the United States' share in Syria, even west of the Euphrates." Under the pretext of the war on terror, it can be bombarded at will and at all across the border between Syria and Turkey, but Washington appears to be awaiting the outcome of the crisis of the three guarantors over Idlib and its countryside, in the sense that it will determine its position based on the formula of the agreement between the parties. The three if they manage to be do it "It is unlikely that the agreement will be completed at Monday's summit."

Al-Awam concluded, "In general, the Russians and the Turks know that any agreement in the east of the Euphrates must take into account the following four conditions, first not to increase Iran's influence in Syria, and secondly not to pave the way for the advancement of the Syrian army and the Russians in areas east of the Euphrates, and thirdly not to allow Turks to penetrate east of the Euphrates, and fourth, the Russian solution to the Syrian crisis should not be established at the expense of the Geneva negotiations and cancel the political transition in Syria."



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