​​​​​​​Al-Assi: Turkey's only concern is to thwart AANES' project

The co-chair of the Defense Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Zeidan Al-Assi, explained that Turkey's goal in the recent escalation against the region is to create a state of instability and foiling the Autonomous Administration project.

Zeidan Al-Assi began his speech by saying: "The recent escalation of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries is not new, because since the beginning of the Syrian crisis it has been trying to make the region unstable. It is taking advantage of the current circumstances, namely the lack of clarity of the international community and the conflict between the great powers inside and outside Syria, led by Russia, America and Iran.

Al-Assi explained, "Turkey is trying to exploit the ambiguity of international positions on the Syrian issue, and conclude deals under the table between the Russians and the Damascus Government, where interests converge. The Damascus government is trying in various ways to re-take what it lost from areas during the years of the crisis, especially in Idlib. thwarting the Autonomous Administration project, as it tries to increase its occupation and division of NE, Syria in an attempt to weaken it.

Regarding the partial American withdrawal from Syria in the past, and the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, Al-Assi explained that Turkey tried to take advantage of this point, stressing that the Autonomous Administration continues its organizational and administrative work, despite all the challenges. It will not compromise on any inch, "The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has advanced and developed rapidly and remarkably. This causes great concern to the Turkish occupation state, which makes it intensify its military attacks on the region."

Al-Assi pointed out that the repeated attacks of the Turkish occupation are aimed at making the region unstable, as a means of special war against the peoples of the region to displace them, especially the young group. "Sometimes it facilitates immigration matters for the people, and sometimes it kills everyone who approaches the border. This policy is to strike social solidarity in NE, Syria," he added.

Al-Assi stressed, "The Turkish occupation state had bet, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, on the outbreak of a sectarian war in Syria, especially in NE, Syria, between Arabs and Kurds and between Muslims, Christians and other sects. But what happened is the opposite, especially after the establishment of the Autonomous Administration and the involvement of All components of the people are in this administration, and this is what caused great concern to Turkey about the continuation of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria."



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