Al-Assai calls on Syrians to joins hands to repel malicious plans against AANES

Co-chair of the Defense Office in North and East Syria called on the Syrian people to join hands in the face of suspicious deals between the Turkish occupying state and the great powers against the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria.

Turkish occupying state continues its repeated attacks on North and East, amidst silence of the Russian "guarantor" who entered as a guarantor of an agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the occupying state that Russians and forces from the Damascus Government enter as conflict resolution forces and ensuring that there was no shooting between the two parties.

However, the Turkish occupier was not bound by this agreement and was encouraged by the silence of the Russians regarding the practices of the Turkish occupier and the repeated attacks on areas of North and East Syria.

In this regard, the co-chair of the Defense Office in North and East Syria, Zidan Al-Assai, said that the Turkish war on Syria has been declared since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Adding:" Turkey is seeking to foil the AANES' project, this project gathered all the Syrian sects, that caused fear for Turkey and interfering countries in the crisis directly, such as the Russia and Iran, as well as Syrian regime and its militias."

He went on to say" Turkey is always seeking to destabilize AANES' areas at all levels such as administrative and economic aspects by spreading the chaos between the components." 

Al-Assai noted, "We see that before every political round or meeting, especially the Astana meetings, there are deals between the Russians, Syrian regime and Turkey. The Syrian regime may be indirectly, but it exists and those who manage these deals are the Russians and the Turks, and they are often at the expense of the Syrian people."

Vice co-chairman of the Defence Office explained that these trade - offs are at the expense of the Syrian people, by increasing the number of displaced persons from both the AANES' areas and Idlib people. These trade-offs by handing over a geographical area in areas opposed to the Syrian regime, in exchange for geographical pieces from areas of North and east Syria to the Turks. "

Al-Assai pointed out that Turkey was not interested in the Syrian people but had exploited the opposition, making them mercenaries to serve its interests in Africa, Azerbaijan, even Afghanistan and the Caucasus, Turkey fights at the expense of the Syrian people.

According to Al-Assai, Russia and Iran are the beneficiaries of Turkish practices to consolidate the rule of Damascus Government, which ensures that their interests are realized and thus reap further gains, implement more long - term deals and drain Syria.

He did not rule out the idea of launching the Turkish attack against North and East Syria, particularly, after the ability AANES in establishing good relation with the countries and amend a number of resolutions and laws, especially after government forces attacked Idlib where a deal was likely to exist between Turkey and Russia.

 Al-Assai sent a message to the entire Syrian people, and in northeastern Syria in particular, to unite in confronting the danger that threatens the region, and to protect the AANES' project, which represents the salvation of Syria.



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