Al-Arisha receives more than 7,000 refugees, praised services provided by AA

Al-Arisha camp, south of al-Hasakah, received more than 7,000 displaced people from the camps of Mabrouka and Ain Issa, while the residents praised the services provided by the Autonomous Administration, explaining that it is not enough due to the complete absence of organizations in the camp.

Al-Arisha camp is located 30 km south of Hasakah canton, in al-Arisha (al- Sadd) side, it was built to receive the people of Deir-ez-Zor and al-Raqqa, during ISIS domination on the area.

There are more than 14,000 people in al-Arisha camp, most of whom are from the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor and al-Raqqa cities, who were prevented by conditions from returning to their homes, due to the presence of Iranian factions and the Syrian regime forces in their areas, in addition to much destruction that occurred in their homes due to repeated shelling.

After the Turkish occupation attack - which is still ongoing - on NE, Syria since October 9, 2019, thousands of people were displaced from the border areas, and the al-Arisha camp received more than 7,000 displaced people from the camps of Mabrouka and Ain Issa.

The co-chair of al-Arisha camp, Zaher al-Gharbi, explained that they had distributed the displaced people to the tents whose people left for their areas after liberation by SDF.

The displaced Shaher al-Ali, from the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, praised the good services and care provided by the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria for the displaced and the refugees, and for providing all they could to secure the basic requirements.

Al-Ali pointed out that some of the organizations that used to distribute money to the displaced to secure some of their needs went out of the camp, and this is a burden on them.

While the displaced person, Safwan al-Mahidi, pointed out that the job opportunities secured by the camp administration and AA are good, but they are few and they are not available to everyone.

Al-Mahidi hoped that the organizations supporting the displaced would return to the camp to secure what could be secured, until they returned to their homes.

The displaced from Mabrouka camp, Hammoud al-Darwish, praised the good reception from the administration of al-Arisha camp for the displaced who were highly bombed by the Turkish army and its mercenaries.

Al-Darwish emphasized that aid is provided to them by the camp administration, in light of the marked absence of humanitarian organizations that support the displaced.



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