Al-Ali clan demands from Deir-ez-Zor clans not to be dragged behind plots

The sons of al-Ali clan demanded from Deir-ez-Zor people to be careful from the instigate and strife that Syria regime and its allies who tries to spread it in the region, alluding that the clans in north and east of Syria will stand alongside with the sons of al-Akkidat clan, and support SDF which was formed by the sons of the region to be the impenetrable fortress against all forms of conspiracy against the region.

Regarding about what is ongoing in Deir-ez-Zor areas, which are located in the far eastern countryside, of assassinations and sowing discord among Arab tribesmen, which have become clear recently from targeting the notables of al-Akkidat clan, Sheikh Mutashar al-Hafel, so that the response comes from the sons of al-Ali clan, by standing side by side with their cousins in al-Akiddat clan and fighting all forms of strife that the Syrian regime is working to ignite, by issuing a statement.

The statement was delivered by Ahmed al-Sayer, a member of al-Ali clan in al-Shamiyya line in in Ratla area, where he said:

We are the sons of the Al-Ali clan, al-Welda al-Shabaniyah tribe, Al-Zubeidiya, in al-Shamiyya line, the city of al-Raqqa. We offer deepest condolences to our people in Deir-ez-Zor for their lost Sheikh Mutasher al-Hefal, and we also condemn and denounce the cowardly criminal acts that affected the old and the young, both military and civilians recently, with the aim of sowing discord and destabilizing in the region.

This is because the cities and villages of Deir- ez-Zor countryside on the side bordering the Euphrates River, in the villages of al-Shuhail, Dhiban, al-Zer, Abu Hardoub, and other areas located in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, are witnessing incitement and sedition behind which the criminal Syrian regime and its sectarian militias are striving to sow discord between tribes and Arab clans, which exposed all their naughty plans to sow discord by targeting tribal and military symbols in the region.

We call on them not to be dragged into this strife that occurred in the past few days and in which a number of our cousins ​​in al-Akkidat tribe and our military sons died, and we ask them to be awareness from all external parties that try to undermine and tamper with our security and stability.

We stand today, we, all the tribes in northeastern Syria, with our cousins ​​in al-Akkidat clan, and we support our military forces (SDF) that was formed from the people of the regions of northeastern Syria to be the impregnable fort in the face of all forms of conspiracy, targeting people's will and tampering with the dignity of our homeland for which we have provided more than 11 thousand A martyr, and they are among the best sons of this generous nation, and they will not rest nor sleep for them until the arrest of everyone who tries to undermine and tamper with the security of the region.

And we say today: "We, the members of al-Ali tribe, in the event of a repetition of this strife, we will strike with an iron hand everyone who tries in tampering with the security and stability of the region, and sowing strife among the components of the people, who enjoy security and giving in northeastern Syria."



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