Aktham Naissa: Participation of Autonomous Administration  in resolving Syrian crisis is important, normal

The Syrian opponent, Aktham Naissa noted that the European promises to Autonomous Administration on participation in the Syrian political process is normal and necessary in resolving the crisis.

In the last few weeks, there have been many official visits to the north and east of Syria, and contacted with the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria. The delegations included diplomats, politicians, high-ranking military personnel representing Western countries.

As for the reasons for the visits that have increased in recent weeks, the Syrian opponent and the director of the Sham Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, Aktham Naissa, said to ANHA: "It is obvious for many reasons that the Autonomous Administration has become an important part in the Syrian equation, I think that this situation will remain as long as the Syrian crisis in the event of an engagement between the regional and international powers on the solution until final compromises are reached. "

The Autonomous Administrating of North and East Syria was formed from the civil and local councils and the Autonomous Administration councils deployed in northern and eastern Syria on September -6-2018 during a meeting held by the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) in the town of Ain Issa, north of the Syrian city of al-Raqqa, based on the decision taken at the 3rd  Conference of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) which was held on 16 July last year.

"Despite the scant promises made by US and the International Coalition, which do not live up to the importance of current Autonomous Administration, for example, the promise that the Kurds will be represented in the upcoming negotiations," Naisse said, "this promise is less than Autonomous Administration position and it is normal condition cannot be overcome to solve the Syrian crisis. "

The delegation visited the region last week, including the United States of America, Belgium, France, the European Parliament, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the delegations of Arab and foreign academics and intellectuals, In which it confirmed its support for the administration and the need to be represented in resolving the Syrian crisis.

"These small promises," he says, "are an important sign of the possibility of a welcome political space, even welcomed by the superpowers, especially the Europeans, for the Autonomous Administration, I think the responsibility of the Autonomous Administration lies in the investment of this situation and take important steps forward to open the doors of entry and influence in the political process.

He called on the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to restructure some institutions to fit the next stage, "I think that even Autonomous Administration at this level, especially its political representation, is supposed to reconsider the structure of their construction in line with the new stage and the political wisdom is required, and here presumably assumes restructuring and reliance on dynamic political cadres with experience and flexibility and rigidity sufficient in the management of negotiations, which is supposed to stay away from the involvement of political activists, especially in the field of external relations.

On July 16, 2018, MSD formed on December 8, 2015, from various sectors of society living in the north and east of Syria, held its third conference, resulting in several organizational amendments, including the election of Amina Omar and Riad Al-Dardar as joint presidency, and electing 41 member for the Presidential Council, and the conference came out with several resolutions, the most important of which "the participants agreed on a decentralized Syria, the formation of coordinating committees to manage the northern regions of Syria, as well as the formation of an executive body to manage the council.

"The Autonomous Administration has important cards to play with gradually, not putting all the cards on the table and before negotiations begin, as now," he said.

"MSD in its policy before relying on the West, seeks to resolve the Syrian crisis from inside and to rely on the Syrian opposition through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which it has always proposed, in order to ensure the political participation of all Syrians in the constitutional committee and the political process," Aktham Naissa concluded.



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