​​​​​​​Akar in Iraq .. What about timing, desired results?

The Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, landed on Monday in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on an unannounced visit, and then moved to Hewlêr in Başur Kurdistan, in the midst of thorny files stuck for years, so what will result from this visit?

On Monday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar began an unannounced visit to Iraq, amid Turkey's efforts to expand its influence in the region by blackmailing Baghdad with several cards, the most important of which is the issue of water.

Before the water file, the Al-Kazemi government opened with the Turkish government, hoping to reach an agreement with it on the waters of the Tigris River, on which Turkey has begun to build huge projects on which is expected to reduce Iraq's share of water.

The Iraqi Minister of Water Resources, Mahdi Rasheed, recently announced that his country had formally handed Turkey the protocol for cooperation in the water field, which was recently approved by the Council of Ministers, and includes a proposal for the regular water releases from the waters of the Tigris River.

Recent months have witnessed remarkable tension between the two countries, against the background of Turkish attacks on federal Iraq regions, and Turkey has also frozen Iraqi assets and funds in recent months, under the pretext of its response to European requirements related to money laundering.

In December 2020, Iraq's PM Al-Kazemi visited Turkey at the head of a high-level government delegation, and met with senior officials in Turkey, headed by Erdogan.

The one-day visit, preceded by an ambitious talk about thorny files stuck for decades, but it was not conclusive to these files.

The talks were about 8 important files on the level of security, economy, investment, energy, water, railways, visas, frozen funds, and others, in addition to the Kurdish file.

'Ankara expects radical changes in the regional and international scene'

And about this, the researcher in international relations, Dr. Iyad Majali, said: "There is a clear shift in Ankara's orientations from confrontation to expanding the scope of dialogue in most of the problems of escalation and in anticipation of a pregnant stage with radical changes in the form of policies and alliances."

"The Gulf reconciliation and the inauguration of President Joseph Biden are two variables that profoundly affect the regional and international scene," he explained.

Dr. Majali said that Turkey "exploited the Gulf dispute and Arab weakness in dealing with the existing crises in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya to implement its expansion project and invested President Trump's demagogic policies in managing the region's files to launch again towards a new policy horizon that eases the pressure of the American administration." The new and its precedent positions with Erdogan are reinforced by the European position on Erdogan's ambitions in Iraq, Libya, northeast Syria. "

Regarding the timing of Akar's visit to Iraq, Majali stressed, "The moves of the Turkish Foreign Minister Hulusi Akar at this particular time are a real translation of the attempts to proactively mitigate the conflicts that Ankara has sparked over the past four years, and an attempt to show the goodwill of the US administration that it is making real efforts to achieve stability in the region." ".

'Erdogan keeps maneuvering'

Majali indicated that Erdogan keeps maneuvering in his talk about the danger of the PKK, and is pressing the autonomous authorities in northern Iraq and Baghdad in this regard.

He added, "It aims to obtain political support and opportunities to obtain oil from the north at the lowest prices for long decades, with the continued presence of Turkish forces at the Mosul base, ruling out talk about Iraq's share of water coming through the Tigris and the Euphrates.

'The visit is cosmetic and the Turkish impasse in Iraq is intractable'

Regarding the expected results of this visit, Dr. Iyad Majali, a researcher in international relations, said: “The visit is formal, and the Turkish impasse in Iraq is particularly difficult



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