Ahmei : Any military or political escalation affects negatively on efforts of Kurdish unity

Luqman Ahmei stressed that any military or political escalation in any part of Kurdistan would have negative consequences on the efforts of the Kurdish unity, saying: "All differences can be resolved through dialogue."

Zîne wartê area is witnessing an escalation day after day against the backdrop of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces build-up. This escalation caused anger among the Kurdish people in Kurdistan, which coincided with the bombing of Turkish aircraft several areas there and martyring a number of the Popular Defense Forces fighters.

This comes at a time when the Kurdish people's voices are raising for unity of ranks.

In this regard, The Head of the Kurdistan Green Party Luqman Ahamei pointed during an interview with Hawar News Agency that the Kurdish people in its four parts need unity, and that the mobilization of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of its forces in the area will have negative consequences on the efforts of convergence and unity of the Kurdish class in general.

He wished to protect from the Kurdish political forces open dialogue, reject differences and take joint steps not to open the way for the enemies of the Kurdish people to undermine their will and existence.

"At the moment, Syria, Iraq and Iran are busy with their internal problems and issues and Turkey is trying to take advantage of the Kurdish parties disputes to achieve their colonial agendas and ambitions," he said.
concerning the consequences of Zîne Wartê escalation on the ongoing efforts of Kurdish national unity in Rojava, he stressed that any conflict between Kurdish forces in any part of Kurdistan will negatively affect national unity between the political parties, and said: "We call on the Kurdish forces and parties to resolve differences through dialogue and discussions."

" Kurdish understandings and agreements will directly affect the efforts of national unity and attempts to establish our legitimate rights. Kurdish forces should realize that," he said.

"now, Kurdish forces need more than ever to turn to the language of extended dialogue and to renounce differences in order to reach a Kurdish national conference, and to form a political reference that includes all Kurdish political forces and parties," he said.

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