Ahmad Shekho: Turkey wants to restore  Ottoman Empire

The member of the Committee  of the Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration in Europe , Ahmad Shekho said: “Turkey is seeking to achieve the ambitions which its ancestors failed to achieve.”

The Turkish state continues on showing its ambitions as the expiry of the treaty of Lousanne approaches to its end. The treaty of Lousanne that limited its arrogance in the area at a time it had been occupying vast areas from the Middle East for more than 400 years.

Under the treaty, the de facto borders were put for the Turkish state. The Ottomans withdrew from the countries that were under their occupation and Turkey became the only heiress of Ottomans. 

The occupation policy that is followed by Turkey is clear in Syria and the other neighboring countries most notably Libya. Analysts consider these policies as expansionist procedures from the Turkish side that aim at deploying on the paths that the Ottomans were occupying in the ancient times. 

 “The Turkish policy indicates to its sleekness for restoring the Ottomans’ glories”

In this context, Ahmad Shekho, the member of the  Committee of the Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration in Europe said, “Erdogan's efforts do not go beyond the occupation and limits restoring the glories of the Ottomans state.”

 He added, “The Turkish state has a deep and far-reaching policy with the peoples of the region, not only with the Kurds. It is a policy of occupation, and this policy has become known to all, especially after the peoples knew the truth of the Ottomans, and the revolutions that broke out against the Ottoman Empire in the region, until they brought it to the stage of the sick man. Then, all the peoples of the region got their freedom.”

 “The Turkish state seeks to get to its ends on the expense of the peoples”

“The policy that is followed by the Turkish state today is one that tries to restore its Ottoman Empire at the expense of the peoples of the region. It does as its ancestors did, when they killed millions of people in the region to achieve their goals and ambitions,”   Sheikho said.

He pointed out that Erdogan making himself a Sultan in the Islamic society in order to put the later under the service of his policy, pointing that the Turkish state had started these colonial and occupying projects since long time, but everyone has recently realized what their occupation intentions are hiding.

With regard to the internal situation of Turkey, Shekho said, “There is a lot of criminality in the structure of the Turkish state against the people who reject this rule, in addition to curbing the aspirations of the opposed parties to their policies. There is more aspiration to occupy many areas, such as the Balkans, Arab countries, and many other countries that the Ottomans had previously conquered.”

As to the Kurdish unity, which observers say that achieving it will limit the risks facing the Kurds, especially from the Turkish side, Ahmad Shekho says, “The Kurdish people, like other peoples, if make an accord with each other, they will reach the safety, and get their freedom, thus be an obstacle to the aspirations and yearnings of the oppressive states. This is what drives these countries to intervene and prevent an agreement among the Kurdish parties.

 “In northern Syria, there were a lot of appeals to reach the Kurdish unity, we are seeking for the Kurdish unity for our part, but we wanted it to start from Rojava,” he said.

 “We feel sorry for the defective speeches that serve the occupation”

Ahmed Shekho expressed regret for the flawed and shameful speeches that serve the occupation, and which are intended to sow further discrimination among the Kurdish parties, so that this people cannot claim their rights and aspirations.”

 Ahmed Shekho, the member of the Foreign Relations Committee in Europe appealed to all Kurdish political parties to move towards Kurdish unity at this sensitive stage which threatens the fate of the entire Kurdish people.



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