​​​​​​​Aguila Saleh meets Lavrov in Moscow

Libyan Parliament Speaker, Counselor Aguila Saleh, arrived Wednesday evening in the Russian capital, Moscow, on an official visit, at the invitation of the Russian authorities, to discuss paths to settle the Libyan crisis, days before an upcoming meeting of Libyan parliament members in Cairo.

Spokesman for the Libyan House of Representatives, Abdullah Belhaiq, stated that the Speaker of the House of Representatives began his visit to Moscow by meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, to discuss developments in the situation in Libya and the region, ways to end the Libyan crisis and the role of the international community and the Russian authorities in ending the crisis in Libya.

Lavrov said during his meeting with Saleh: "We meet today in an atmosphere more harmonious than it was last time, and thanks to your efforts, there have been many positive things in Libya, where the cease-fire remained in place for a long time."

This comes before an expected meeting of members of the Libyan Parliament in Cairo within days to discuss the crisis.

The President of the Egyptian Parliament, Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, invited the advisor to Saleh, to meet at the headquarters of the Egyptian House of Representatives, with a number of Libyan representatives, in order to restore harmony between all the representatives in all parts of Libya.



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