Agricultural season in border villages is in danger under Turkish occupation attacks

At the meeting point of the joint Turkish-Russian patrols, a Kurdish farmer was sniped by the Turkish occupation army, while the residents feared that they would be deprived of harvesting their agricultural season, and taking care of vegetable fields, threatening their basic source of livelihood.

In the village of Derna Agi in Çilaxa district near the border with northern Kurdistan, where the meeting point of the joint Russian military patrols occurred, the farmer Mohiudin Abdul Razzaq was sniped on his farmland yesterday.

Mohiuddin Abdul Razzaq, 50, a father of 12 children, was working on an agricultural tractor, on his farmland, when he was shot by a sniper from the border guards of the Turkish occupation army.

Riyad Abdul Razzaq, who is the cousin of the deceased, said that his cousin was working on his farmland, when he was sniped by the Turkish gendarmerie, and he also continued, "Yesterday at about 15:00, my brother went with his son to his farmland to plow the land in preparation for the cultivation of summer vegetables, and he was away from the border 500 meters away, when he was shot in the head, he lost his life. "

Riyad Abdul Razzaq says that the people of the village and the people of all the border villages are forced to work on a daily basis in their agricultural fields because it is their main source of livelihood. He added, "All farmers in the border villages are targeted by the Turkish army, and we cannot continue to work on our agricultural lands."

He also added, "We are working on our land, plowing and planting, but our fate is death at the hand of the Turkish occupation army."

The condition of Riyad is the mouthpiece of all the people of the village and the rest of the border villages, especially with the approaching date of the start of the harvest of wheat and barley, which threatens the livelihood of thousands of families in the border villages.

He appealed to Riyad, through our agency, the United Nations and the coalition countries to intervene to put an end to the violations of the Turkish occupation army against civilians in the border villages.

Two farmers from the village of Patrazan, in Çilaxa district, were wounded by the Turkish occupation army, while working on their farmland last year.

The Turkish occupation army has, over the past years, restricted the people and farmers along the border strip with Rojava regions, which negatively affected the lives of the people and the agricultural sector in particular.



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