Agreement between protesters, military in Sudan to form joint council

Representatives of the Sudanese protests announced on Saturday the agreement with the Transitional Military Council on the formation of a joint council of civilians and military members, and indicated that consultations were underway to determine the ratios between the two parties.

The leaders of the protests and the Sudanese army agreed on Saturday to form a joint council of civilians and military during a meeting held between the two parties at the request of demonstrators who want to transfer power to civilians.

Ahmed al-Rabie, the representative of the protesters, who took part in the talks, told AFP, "We agreed on a joint sovereign-civilian and military council."

"Now, consultations are under way to determine the civilian and military participation rates in the council," he said.

The announcement came after Saturday's meeting of the joint committee, composed of representatives of the Military Council which has been in power since the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir on April 11, and protesters who have been holding a sit-in in front of the General Headquarters of the Sudanese Armed Forces for three weeks to consider the demonstrators' demands of the transfer of power to a civil administration.

But the demonstrators have not stopped their movement, but continue to demand the Council to transfer power to civilians.



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