After shooting down an aircraft, regime downed a Turkish drone

Media reported by the Syrian regime that the latter managed to shoot down a Turkish drone in the vicinity of Saraqib, hours after the shooting down of a regime warplane over Idlib.

"Units of the army shoot down a drone of the Turkish regime forces in the area of ​​Saraqeb in the southeastern Idlib countryside," the SANA agency said.

In a related context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that mercenaries found the body of a pilot in the regime forces, whose plane was shot down south of Idlib after being targeted by a Turkish warplane in the airspace of Jabal al-Zawiya, where the body was found in the vicinity of Deir Sunbul area.

This comes in conjunction with the preparation for Russian, Turkish and Iranian meetings on the situation in Idlib in the coming days.

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