After severe torture, citizen Sherhat Osso lost his life

The citizen Sherhat Diyan Osso lost his life after being subjected to severe torture by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupation prisons in Afrin.

The violations, killings, torture and the demand for financial ransom have not stopped after the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, the occupation that committed crimes against the people of the region.

Sherhat Dian Osso, born in 1990, from jara village in the district of Belbelê, is one of the victims of violations of the Turkish occupation in Afrin.

At the beginning of the occupation of Turkey to Afrin after March 18, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries abducted the citizen Sherhat, and he remained in the prisons of the occupation for two months, where he subjected to the most severe physical and psychological torture.

The occupation demanded one million Syrian pounds from him to release him, and he went out of prison after the payment of the amount, but the story of Sherhat did not end here.

Once again, after a while the mercenaries raided his home in Afrin and kidnapped him again, to be taken in the prisons of the occupation in the city of Azzaz. This time, Sherhat received deathly torture, which led to many illnesses.

After the severe torture, the occupation released him. After many attempts, the family managed to reach al-Shahba, where they were able to transfer him to Avrin Hospital, but he lost his life.

Citizen Sherhat Dian Osso is the father of two children, the mercenaries looted about 10 million SP from him.




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