​​​​​​​ After meetings in France, Abdullah meets prominent officials in Swedish government

 After her tour in France, the representative of the Women's Protection Units, Nasreen Abdullah, met with the Swedish Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, in addition to Swedish PMs, during which she explained all the conditions that the regions of northern and eastern Syria are going through.

 During her European tour, yesterday, Thursday, the representative of the Women's Protection Units Nasreen Abdullah and the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Sweden, Shiyar Ali, during several separate meetings with the Swedish Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist and the Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde, parliamentarians Amina Kakabai, Andes Guster Berry, and a member of the municipal council  Stockholm Kader Ksierga.

 In the two separate meetings with Swedish Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist and Foreign Minister Ann Linde, discussions were held about the security situation in northeast Syria in light of the Turkish occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniye and Girê Spî, and the daily threats to the region, as well as the threat of renewed activities of ISIS mercenaries after the recent attack on  the Al-Sinaa prison.  The conditions of the camps and the siege imposed on the area under Caesar’s Act, and the siege from other sides that border NE Syria.

 The discussion also touched on the persistent attempts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis in general, expressing their regret that these attempts have not achieved any desired results so far.

 For his part, both the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense affirmed their continued support for the Autonomous Administration in order to make the administration's experience successful in consolidating the coexistence among the components which is a unique experience for the entire Middle East region.

 The representative of the YPJ also met with a number of Swedish PMs, and the meeting was attended by parliamentarian and women's rights activist Amina Kakabai, and parliamentarian Andes Guster Berry, who is responsible for diplomatic relations in the Swedish Parliament.

 The discussion revolved around the institutional work in northern and eastern Syria and the dangers that threaten stability by the occupying Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries.  Reference was also made to the insistence of the Autonomous Administration in its work to make the development of the administration successful and to activate the activities on a larger scale among all components of the region, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and others.

 Finally, on her Swedish tour, Nisreen Abdullah met with a member of the Stockholm municipal council, Kader Kasir Ga, and they discussed with him the functioning of the work mechanism in the municipalities of northeastern Syria and the difficulties facing the work of the municipalities under the siege imposed on the region.



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