​​​​​​​After listening to Lebanese people ... Macron warns Lebanese politicians, announces 2 humanitarian, political initiatives

The French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed after his meeting with the three presidents at the Lebanese Republican Palace that after the tour on the port of Beirut and the meeting with the Lebanese, the primary goal has been to support the Lebanese people, and Macron announced organizing an international conference to support Beirut and the Lebanese people.

Macron met with leaders of Lebanese political parties at the same table at al-Sanobar Palace in Beirut, where he proposed them a "new political pact" and said: "We express condolences to the families of the martyrs, and there are French victims. I came here in the name of the French people to support the Lebanese people, and so far, 3 French planes have arrived in Lebanon."

He stressed: "We will support Lebanon with food," wishing to "expedite the investigations in a transparent manner."

Macron sent warning messages to the leaders of political parties: "Today morning, we felt the anger of the Lebanese people against the ruling political class. Lebanon has been suffering an economic and financial crisis since years, and resolving it with strong political initiatives is required."

Macron's plane landed at Beirut International Airport on Thursday afternoon. He was received by the Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe.

Despite the importance of the French visit and the initiative that the French guest might take with him to save Lebanon, what happened in  Gemayzeh and Mar Mikhael areas summarizes the visit before it starts and pays attention to the remaining five hours in Beirut.

Without a suit, with a loose tie and a rolled-up sleeves shirt, Macron walked among the crowds cleaning the rubble and listened to the sounds of broken glass under his feet.

"Revolution, revolution," "Let the rule of the burglar falls;" phrases Macron heard while walking along the crowd.

A number of citizens gathered in Gemayzeh to meet Macron who toured the streets of the region, inspecting the damages resulted from the Beirut explosion, amidst tight security measures. They complained to him from the political class, so a Macron's citizen said: "They treat us like sheep," while a citizen said: "Do not give money to the government." He respond to her saying, "Do not worry." Meanwhile, a young woman went to the French president crying, and she said, "We trust you, put them in prisons."

Macron responded to the protesters' demand for their support against the political class that he would propose "a new charter." He continued: "French aid is not conditional, we will organize international assistance to directly reach the Lebanese people, and I will launch a new political initiative."


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