After Iran.. Corona knocks Iraq and Bahrain’s door

The Ministry of Health in both Iraq and Bahrain announced that cases of coronavirus infection have been witnessed for people coming from Iran.

Today, the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment announced the registration of the first case of the emerging Coronavirus, of an Iranian student who moved to Iraq, after the outbreak of the epidemic in his country.

The ministry said in a statement that the results of the tests conducted for a student of religious sciences (Iranian nationality), who had entered the country before the ministerial crisis cell decision to stop the travel, showed that he was infected with the new Coronavirus.

Health Ministry confirmed that the detection of the condition was made when the health teams investigated and signed the examination of visitors and students in their places of residence, and was referred to the designated hospital.

In turn, the Bahraini Ministry of Health announced that a school bus driver was infected with the Coronavirus, and pointed out that students will be subjected to the necessary tests, to ensure that they are free of the virus.

The ministry stated, according to the Bahraini News Agency (BNA) that the injured Bahraini citizen came from Iran, via Dubai, and was immediately transferred for treatment and isolation, applying the necessary procedures for treatment, as well as taking the necessary measures for those who were mixed with the patient.

All of their mixture of relatives were contacted, and necessary analyzes were made for them to ensure that they are free of the virus, and placed in a quarantine center designated for suspected cases for a period of 14 days.

The ministry stated that no symptoms were detected on this person, upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport, and that symptoms appeared on him after his arrival in the Kingdom.


Today, Monday, the Iranian Ministry of Health confirmed that the number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Iran has risen to 12, and that the number of injuries has reached 74, while Iranian Health Minister Saeed Nemki announced that the source of the new Coronavirus transmission to Iran is a person coming from China via an indirect flight .

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