After hammers, live bullets targeted the refugees in Al-Hol

Iraqi refugee Qasim Shahlan was wounded when masked gunmen shot him in Al-Hol camp.

Al-Hol camp, 45 km east of Al-Hasakah city, has more than 31,000 Iraqi refugees, living in four sectors, and the majority of them are children and women.

In the recent period, there have been many cases of killing inside the camp, the last of which was the discovery of the body of an Iraqi refugee, killed by "strangulation," and the security forces explained that information indicates that ISIS are behind the crime.

In continuation of the series of targeting inside the camp, our correspondent quoted a security source in the camp as saying that at 7:30 pm yesterday, masked gunmen targeted the Iraqi citizen Qassem Ammar Shahlan, who was walking around the camp's stadium in the third Iraqi sector.

Qasim Ammar Shahlan, an Iraqi, was a 30-year-old resident of Anbar before the resort to al-Hol. The armed group shot him in public and among the residents who came to help the target, while the masked group fled, according to a security source.

Our correspondent noted that the target, Qasim Shaalan, is receiving treatment in the hospital, and his condition is almost stable.



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