After failing twice ... accord government prepares for launching 3rd attack on al-Watiyah base

The Libyan Government of Accord began re-mobilizing and regathering its militants, in preparation for the third military attack on al-Watiyah airbase in the west of the country, two days after its efforts to storm the base failed.

"Accord forces have increased their human and military capabilities in areas near the headquarters of the air base," said a military official at the Monitoring and Follow-up Department of the Libyan Army General Command.

And he added that "several gatherings were observed in the outskirts of the city of Gemayel, specifically in the areas of Arcarik and Hashana, and others in the area of ​​al-Ajailat and Al-Aqrabiya, 2 km from the base of al-Watiyah.

The official affirmed that outskirt of the base is safe and under the control of the Libyan army, which is following all the actions of the "enemy" and is ready to deal with it, pointing out that what happened during the past days "is only the beginning of the battle."

On Tuesday, the Libyan army responded to a strong military attack launched by accord government on al-Watiyah military base, and was the second time that accord government failed to control it in less than a month, despite Turkish air support.

Accord government aspires to control this strategic military base, which extends over an area of ​​40 km, 140 km from Tripoli and about 30 km on the Tunisian border, to achieve significant field progress and significant military superiority, as controlling it means cutting off the supply lines directed to the Libyan army forces in the capital Tripoli, especially in the city of Tarhuna, it also means controlling the sky of the entire western region.



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