​​​​​​​After eradicating ISIS, mother has glimpse of hope waiting to return her son 

Kanîwar's mother has lost his son since 6 years, after ISIS barbaric attack on Kobani canton, she is waiting any news about him.

During the attack of ISIS mercenaries on Kobani canton on the 15th of September 2014, these groups of mercenaries carried out killings, looting and kidnapping of civilians from the canton, and among those who were captured by ISIS mercenaries Kanîwar Karao who has special needs.

Kanîwar Karao, 30, had been suffering from a disability in his right foot since his birth, and because he had not left his home due to a disability when mercenaries managed to occupy the villages of Kobani and large parts of the city, they kidnapped him.

Zarka Haj Ali, the mother of Kanîwar, who is 72 years old, who still lives in the hope of knowing the fate of her son, says: "At the time the mercenaries entered their village and captured their son, she was not present in Syria, she had fled to the Turkish border with group of the children from the areas, they were about 300 people."

 And she added: " Kanîwar was not the only one who was captured, but with 6 of his relatives in the village of Êtwêran, and that these mercenary groups do not recognize international laws, no family member was able to search for and ask about him at that time or resort to any party interested in these matters and take into account his health. "

She says: " Kanîwar was not affiliated with any party or any political movement and was not carrying a weapon on his shoulder alongside any forces in Syria at that time. Rather, he was a civilian, living in his home between his family and friends in his village and because of the handicap since his birth he was not able to go out and work. "

There are many examples and stories of pain and suffering due to the brutal crimes committed by ISIS mercenaries. Hundreds of people from the north and east regions of Syria have been kidnapped by mercenaries, and despite the ability of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF to eliminate the mercenaries, the fate of the kidnappers is still unknown and they have not yet been found.



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