After decades of marginalization, Circassians in Manbij revive their language, heritage

The Circassian Association in Manbij started to open training courses to teach the Circassian language and revive the Circassian heritage.

Since the migration of the Circassian people about 150 years, where more than 90% of the people of the Circassian people migrated from their country north of Caucasia, their original home after the wars and massacres by the Russian Tsarist, some of them migrated in different areas in Syria, including Homs, and Manbij.   

All the components of north and east of Syria have the right to learn its language and revive its culture in the Autonomous and the Civil Administration after the liberation from Daesh, after depriving Chechnya of Manbij from learning their language, they returned to revive it and teach it to their children again.

There are about 150 Circassian families in Manbij city now, where their number was more than of 150 family after they migrated in 1864 from Russia to Manbij city, but many of them migrated again to Russia and some of them migrated to different areas outside Syria due to the war in the country.

The course located at al-Saba Bahrat roundabout west of Manbij city since the first of the month of July 2019, with the accession of 50 students from different age groups, where the Association offers a course of Circassian language free of charge and members of the Association oversees the training, lessons also include learning letters as well as conversation.

As for the lessons of dance and heritage, there is a period of dancing within the training, including dances, which was recognized by the Circassian component, where students participated in several events held in the city of Manbij, including events celebrating the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Manbij on August 15 this year.

It is worth mentioning that the training on the Circassian language continues on a daily basis on school holidays.



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