After closing schools .. Lessons for students via Manbij satellite channel

The Education Committee in Manbij issued a statement saying that it will broadcast educational lessons for students of elementary and secondary certificates through the Manbij satellite channel.

After the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria issued a decision to close schools and universities in the administration areas as a precautionary measure to counter the emerging Corona virus, the Civil Administration in Manbij took a decision to provide support to students in an attempt to mitigate the negative impact of the school stopping period on students.

The Education Committee in Manbij said in a statement issued yesterday that it "will broadcast educational lessons for the elementary and secondary certificates every day at eleven in the morning on the Manbij satellite channel for a period of two consecutive hours alternating between the elementary and secondary certificates and under the supervision of specialized teachers."

The administration took a number of precautionary decisions and measures to prevent the arrival of the Corona virus in its areas and to curb its spread, as it closed the border crossings and suspended work hours in universities and schools and working hours in institutions for several days.



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