Afrin's Kongra Star called on Syrian regime to determine its position on Turkish occupation

Kongra Star condemned the Syrian regime for the abuses and violations by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the Syrians in the occupied territories, and called for the speedy determination of its position on the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, through a statement.

To condemn the continued violations and attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and the occupied territories in Syria, Kongra Star of Afrin issued today a public opinion statement in al- Shahba.

Dozens of women from the Afrin canton, members of Kongra Star Coordination, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Serdem camp attended.

The statement was read by a member of the Yazidi Women's Union, Orivan Manan.

"Day after day, the desires of the Turkish occupation army increase the return of the Ottoman Empire to the peoples of the region. In order to achieve its goals, it occupied the Afrin canton, killing civilians and displacing the people from their safe homes, while the occupation of Afrin reached its highest level and practiced terrorism, kidnapping civilians and creating strife among peoples who have been living together for hundreds of years.

He stressed that, to this moment the pressure and violations of the Turkish occupation army in Afrin to displace and remove the remaining components and peoples of Afrin continue to change the demographic of the region.

The women rejected the violations against the peoples of the region, and stressed the stand against the policy of occupation and non-acceptance of Turkey and its mercenaries to divide Afrin from the region, and make them subject to Turkish occupation.

The statement called on the international community and human rights organizations, especially the Syrian regime, to carry out their tasks and to approach the situation of the people of Syria "morally and humanely."

The statement ended with slogans saluting the resistance of the people and denouncing the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory.



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