Afrin's homes turned into military headquarters

A number of Afrin people recount how mercenaries turned their homes into headquarters and looted their property.

The Turkish occupation and it mercenaries turned the homes of Afrin people into military headquarters since they have occupied Afrin  on March18 of last year.

The people of Afrin now are living in al-Shahba after they were forced to leave Afrin and their homes and are living now in the camps and semi-destroyed homes after the mercenaries turned their homes into military  headquarters.

The actions and practices came in the context of the policy of the demographic change of Afrin, after the Turkish occupation brought the families of the people of Homs and Dara in addition to people of Damascus countryside and Idlib province which is witnessing violence war between the Syrian regime and the mercenaries backed by Turkey.

The citizen Khalil Mustapha from the people of Ghoanda of Rajo district said that the Turkish occupation has targeted them and they have gone to al-Shahba canton and live in difficult circumstances.

Mustafa said that the mercenaries looted the furniture of his home and the furniture of all the people of Afrin who have displaced and turned their homes into military headquarters and prisons.

Mustafa said that they are now living in al-Shaba canton in Serdem camp and are living in difficult circumstances asserting that their strong will liberate Afrin and they will return to their homes.

For her part the citizen Leila Ahmad from Hiam village of Belbela district said that the mercenaries burned their village and sold all the property and now a family of the mercenaries is living in her home while she is living in a tent away from her home.

Leila said that more than half of the village's residents are settlers of the Turkish mercenaries where they changed the demographic of the village and turned the homes into military headquarters, She said that the will of the people of Afrin will liberate it from the mercenaries.

The citizen Zaynab Shiekho from the people of Belbela district said that she was planting the trees for 7 years and was working in the agriculture and after many years she managed to buy a home, but After the Turkish occupation of Afrin they gave my home to a mercenary family which looted all my property.

Zaynab concluded and said she wishes to return to her home soon after expelling the Turkish occupation from Afrin.       



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