Afrin's displaced: We to increase pace of our struggle until liberation of Afrin

The residents of Afrin, who live in camps and semi-destroyed houses in Al-Shahba, condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the districts and center of Afrin. They also stressed their determination to continue the struggle and resistance until the occupation is defeated and return to their homes.

Afrin's residents who spoke to the Hawar news agency expressed their indignation over the continued violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Since the occupation of Afrin in March last year, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have continued their violations against the people of Afrin by killing and abducting people, looting property and antiquities, destroying the environment and changing the demographics of the area.

The residents of Afrin live in the camps and villages of al-Shahba, and despite the difficult life conditions they live, but they insist to continue the steadfastness and resistance against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries until returning to Afrin.

A resident of Qerat Qalaq village in Belabla district, Welat Oso said that the residents are facing difficulties in living in camps under plastic tents.

"We are suffering from a difficult life, with the intense heat in the summer and the severe cold in the winter, in addition to the lack of job opportunities in al-Shahba, and the siege imposed by the Syrian regime on us from all sides," he added.

Oso reiterated his insistence, along with the rest of the people in steadfastness and resistance, "We will increase the pace of our struggle and resistance in al-Shahba despite difficult circumstances until the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries."

For her part, the mother Qadrat Batal from the village of Kafr Zeit district of Jandres district condemned violations of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries in Afrin of killing and torturing civilians, and impose royalties on the people and forced them to leave their homes.

Batal stressed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are looting everything in the city of Afrin in addition to seizing the property of civilians.

"For a year and a half, we were forcibly displaced from Afrin, the Turkish occupation displaced us and bombed the villages of al-Shahba district, which are full of civilians on a daily basis with heavy weapons, '' said Kamiran Abdul Hamid from Afrin.

Khallou said that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries seek to break the will of the people of Afrin living in al-Shahba, and stressed the determination of the people to resist against all practices and violations.



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